The Story

ProRelease, LLC is a Minnesota-based company that was funded by patent royalties from an injectable, surgical-theater drug product Ryanodex®, a formulation of the lifesaving antispasmodic drug Dantrolene (see U.S. Patent Nos. 9,884,044; 9,789,090; 9,603,840; 9,271,964; 8,685,460; 8,604,072; 8,110,225; and 7,758,890), marketed since 2015. The main inventor of Ryanodex® and now CEO of ProRelease, Dr. David M. Anderson, applied these royalties to the development of a powerful and 100% plant-derived pain cream, built on a deep background in analgesia and an uncompromising commitment to pain relief and reduction of opioid use. Dr. Anderson was urged by a number of pain experts to develop a topical pain product incorporating a skeletal muscle relaxant, thus building on the success of the prescription drug product Ryanodex®.


There is nothing glamorous about the research that needs to be done. Years of drilling down into peer-reviewed scientific publications, sourcing ingredients from exotic sources, and testing candidate formulations. ProRelease takes the position that the following critical questions must be addressed for each extract:

The same criteria had to apply to the core ingredient—unique to Topical Paradise—a plant source antispasmodic, selective for skeletal muscle over cardiac. Success came by using a proprietary formulation of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) plant, Belamcanda chinensis, optimized for topical use, in conjunction with other healing and pain-resolving extracts also unique to this cream.